Limousines are liked by all and no more confined to the rich and famous. Further, limousines are super comfortable and have a classy appeal. Hence many people prefer it for special events. But this does not limit the usage of limousines. Limousines are preferred by many in day to day life as well. Further, limos are one of the safest modes of commuting no matter whether you are traveling in the midnight or are new to a city.

So, if you are looking for limousine services in Los Angeles, you have plenty of options to choose from. But if you want top-quality services, prefer Airport ASAP.

Six essential requirements of a great limousine car service:

  • Employ Certified Drivers: Limo drivers should have a chauffeur’s license and also a regular driver’s license. 
  • Ready to answer any questions: The car service providers should be ready to answer the customer’s queries. One may come across customers asking, “does your driver wear the uniform.” The different kinds of vehicles you have. Are there free refreshments inside the car? Irrespective of how many questions a customer or client has, a good car service provider should have a friendly customer- service provider who will answer these questions patiently. 
  • Ensure proximity to the pickup location: Many car service providers charge for the time it requires to meet the destination. Hence it is ideal to ask for the zip code before booking the services. The reason being if they are too far from your pick up area, you will have to pay hefty bucks for it. 
  • Check with the insurance and license: The limo service providers must be insured. But quite often, many small limo service provider looks at insurance to be an expensive affair instead of being concerned for the client. Many limo car service providers hence go away with minimum insurance fees or none at all. Further, the company you hire should be able to prove that they are insured. Do not book them, in case you smell something fishy. The limo service provider should be licensed according to the state laws. 
  • Good Feedback: Never underestimate the worth of testimonials and reviews! You can check the company’s service website. Also, check for other client’s valuable feedback. If the company does not have a testimonials page, it is a red flag.

Why hire limo services from Airport ASAP?

  • Fleet: We have a large fleet of limousines at your service. Hence, you can rent a limo car according to the number of occupants. 
  • Safety: We take our customers as our priority. Hence we hire chauffeurs after clear background verification. Further, our limo drivers have both chauffeur’s license and regular driver’s license. 
  • Transparency: We are completely ethical and do not charge any hidden fees. 
  • Twenty-four hours and seven-day service: We are available twenty-four hours and seven days a week. 
  • Easy booking: Booking our services is extremely easy. You either can book online by visiting our portal or by calling us on the phone.


When you book limo services from Airport ASAP you are on a safe side. Further, you do not have to waste time standing at the taxi stand or commuting with an ill-mannered cab driver. Our chauffeurs are well-mannered and courteous. Further, if you are looking for top Los Angeles limousine services providers. Contact us!

You can call us at 877-850-5447.

There are many occasions when we do not want to rely on a random car or book a private taxi.

The reasons could be plenty; for instance, we want to prioritize safety and do not simply want to rely on random car services. Secondly, when we are with someone special or want to reach any venue in style, we can rely on limousines or LAX car services. The reason being LAX cars are the symbol of status and class.

Further, unlike previous days, when the limousines were confined to the rich and famous. The scenario is not the same now and many companies are now offering LAX car services in Los Angeles at affordable costs.

Five special events:

  • Romantic Date Nights: So finally, when you are on a special date night with the love of your life. Then, naturally, you do not want to go with something plain, like hiring a taxi or relying on regular cars. In such a situation, preferring the limo service will be a better option. The reason being you will feel safe, and you can spend some special moments together. Further, having a special chauffeured vehicle taking you both along a ride will add a special element of romance to your date.
  • Business Travel: Secondly, when you are hiring limo services for the purpose of entertaining your business clients, co-workers, it will make them feel special and appreciated. No matter whether it is an airport pick-up or drop or visiting any site, it will give a positive impression of your business. Many corporate houses even organize business meetings in the limo.
  • Movie Premiers: In case you want to arrive in a movie premiere in Los Angeles. Then, you want to reach the venue in style. Hiring a limo service for such special nights will give a feel of a celebrity and an ideal red carpet experience.
  • Wine Tours and Pub crawls: When you are on a craft-beer journey or want to go for a wine tasting tour around the city. Then it is ideal to hire an LAX car service. The reason being you do not have to spend time waiting for a taxi or booking a cab through an app. Instead, you can enjoy the experience of tasting a unique collection of wine around the city of Angels.
  • Spa escapes: When you are in the mood of pampering yourself by indulging in a spa session. Then the ride to and from the spa should be comfortable. No matter whether you are with your bridesmaids or buddies or on a solo visit having a chauffeured car service accompanied by the comfort of limo will make your day complete.

Why prefer a Lax car service from Airport ASAP

  • Round the clock presence: We provide our limo car services round the clock. No matter, at what point of time you need our services, remain to rest assured we are ready to cater to your needs.
  • Easy Booking: We at Airport ASAP offer our customers easy booking services. You can book our services at any moment either by giving us a call or by visiting our portal online.
  • Ethical: We maintain complete transparency with our customers. We have no hidden charges apart from the actual money.
  • Professional and trustable Chauffeurs: The chauffeurs we hire are highly professional and are hired after clear background verification. Further, our chauffeurs maintain a high degree of punctuality.


Irrespective of the occasion, we at Airport ASAP provides you with the LAX car services, suiting your occasions. We are a luxury car service provider in Los Angeles, providing outstanding chauffeured vehicles with premium customer service.

So, what are you waiting for, book your limo services now! You can call us or contact us on 877-850-5447.

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No matter whether you are traveling on a business trip or heading off for a family vacation or even visiting your friends and relatives, booking a limo service is the perfect way to travel stress-free. When you have a clean, well maintained, and reliable car service waiting at the arrival to drop you to the destination after a long haul journey, it is very satisfying. Further, having a prompt car service to drop you at the airport is very relaxing, when you can sit back in comfort, relax and let the drivers do their job.

Further, when you are relying on any random cab services, you are not sure that you will reach the destination in time, and the ride will also not be comfortable.

So, if you are looking for airport limousine services in Los Angeles, hire Airport ASAP.

Given below are some basic things to be followed when you decide to book any limousine services online.

  • Know your confirmation number: Once you book limo services for bringing and dropping to the airport. Take a print out of the confirmation number, note it down and save it in your phone, and it will be helpful during an emergency or in case of any confusing situation. 
  • Provide your car service with your Number: It is important to ensure that the airport car services you have booked have your phone number. It is vital since the car service needs to know your pickup and booking location. Apart from giving your contact details, keep your phone fully charged, so that you can be reached at any moment of necessity. 
  • Keep your Driver in Loop: If your flight is delayed for some reason, it is ideal for informing your limo service provider. While a good car service airport driver already keeps a track on the flight of the client. But it is still advisable to over-inform about any flight delays to your chauffeur or limo airport driver. You should also let your car services know even if your flight is canceled altogether. 
  • Leave early for International flights: It is vital to leave early for international flights. The reason being it takes a lot of time for custom and security checkups. Hence take an extra cushion time to schedule your car service to pick you up to and from the airport. Further, if you want a pickup from the airport, make sure to inform the chauffeur in advance regarding which terminal you will be arriving.

Why book Airport Limousine Services in Los Angeles:

  • 24/7 service: we at Airport ASAP are available twenty-four hours and seven days a week. 
  • Easy booking: Booking our services are extremely easy, and you can book either online by visiting our portal or by giving us a call.
  • Safety: We hire our chauffeurs by doing clear background verification, and we have further left no stones unturned to ensure the safety of our clients. 
  • Ethical; We are highly ethical in our dealings, and we do not charge any hidden fees. 
  • The fleet of limousines: We have an entire fleet of limousines. So, depending on your accommodation requirement, you can book a limo.


Limousine services are the best when you need a pickup or drop facility at the airport. Rather than relying on any random car, it is always idle to rely on limo services. Further, the limo services are not that expensive as people think it to be.  For further information, you can email us at

You can also call us at 877-850-5447

Nowadays, limousines are no more confined to the rich and famous, but almost anyone can get the limousine services at an affordable price. Limousines are a part of major events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bachelorette, etc. No doubt riding a limousine is fun, but there are basic etiquettes that need to be followed while riding a limo.

The two aspects of utmost priority being the luxury car service and the chauffeur should be treated with due respect.

So, if you are in need of limousine service in Los Angeles, contact Airport ASAP as we have a variety of limousines in our fleet that you can choose from.

The basic tips that need to be followed are-

  • Guest Count: When you are hiring limo services, it is good to give the headcount of the number of persons who will be riding the vehicle to the company. Further, if at any point in time the headcount increases, then inform in advance about the additional persons who will be riding the vehicle. It is ideal since the company could determine the vehicle, which would be a perfect fit in terms of safety, comfort, and accommodation.
  • Know how to get in: Although it may sound silly but yet, it is vital as it leads to clumsiness and sometimes mishap. Let the chauffeur open the door for you and ride in no hurry. Go to an empty seat and swing your legs for a smooth entry. Then move on to the right space you find comfortable.
  • Don’t indulge in a fight: No doubt renting a limo for a night out means the on borders will be partying and drinking. But ensure you are not intoxicated to the extent that you get indulged in any fight or get abusive inside a limo. It is unacceptable and silly behavior.
  • Be aware of party rules: Generally, many limousine car services do not permit smoking inside, and hence it is ideal to respect the decision. Further, when you are in the mood of consuming certain alcohol inside the limo, get it approved by the respective company authorities.
  • Don’t trash the Limo: Do not litter inside the limo. Remember to remove the cans, bottles, and wrappers once the party is over. Further, do not throw food items or drinks on others on boarders. Do not make the seat untidy by putting your shoes on it. There are some limo service providers who charge a separate fee for cleaning the vehicle if you make a mess inside.
  • Don’t forget to tip: As per basic etiquettes, it is ideal to rent (15%) of limo rental fee in case of a regular ride. While in the case of special occasions like parties, the tip should be a little higher, like 20% of a limo rental.

Benefits of Hiring Limousines from Airport ASAP

  • We at Airport ASAP have different fleets of limousines accommodating the different number of people. Hence we are an ideal choice both for a solo traveler and an entire group.
  • We are available round the clock and seven days a week.
  • We keep our customers’ safety as our priority. Hence we are completely transparent in our dealings and have no hidden fees.
  • We give a discount of flat 20% to our corporate customers.
  • One can easily book our services either by calling or by visiting our portal online.


So, if you are in the mood of partying in a Limo, contact Airport ASAP and follow the six basic thumb rule. Partying in a limo is always fun. Further, our drivers are courteous and well-mannered and adhere to the safety guidelines.

For booking our services, you can call us at 877-850-5447

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One of the most difficult parts of starting and ending a vacation is reaching the airport. One has to decide which car to rent to accommodate the luggage and where to park your car at the airport. It is a real hassle to commute in Los Angeles in the bustling streets. Further, relying on a random taxi in night hours could be a risky venture. Even if you book a taxi long before you are heading towards the airport, again there is no guarantee that the taxi will arrive on time.

On the other hand, limousines are the best vehicles if you want to head towards the airport in the utmost comfort and leaving anxiety behind.

Following these simple tips, your airport visit does not have to be a stressful venture:

  • Prepare your luggage the night before: Pack up everything a night before leaving your toiletries and clothing behind. So, that the last minute, you only need to stuff your nightwear and some toiletries. 
  • Electronic Boarding pass: Get an electronic boarding pass as these e-tickets are stress-free. The e-tickets are in your gadgets, hence the chances of losing it is rare. 

Why hire Airport ASAP for Airport Limousine Services in Los Angeles

  • Available round the clock: We at Airport ASAP are available twenty-four hours and seven days a week. Hence you can book our services anytime.
  • Easy booking: Booking our services is extremely easy. You can book either online by visiting our portal or by giving us a call. 
  • Transparency: We are highly ethical and maintain a high degree of transparency with our clients. We do not charge any hidden fees apart from the actual amount. 
  • A fleet of limousines: We have a large fleet of limousine cars with us. Hence you can book the limousine suiting your requirement. Similarly, we charge different prices for different sizes of cars. 
  • Safety: The safety of our customers is our top priority. We have left no stones unturned to ensure the safety of our customers. Further, all our chauffeurs are well mannered and hired after doing clear background verification. 
  • Hassle-free travel: Our well-trained chauffeurs know the routes well and also keep you hassle-free with their smooth driving. Further, you can relax in ease without any hassle of driving through the bustling streets.


Limousines are an element of status and comfort. Hiring airport limousine services in Los Angeles from Airport ASAP provides comfort and safe pick up and drop from Airport.

For further information, you can email us at

You can also call us at 877-850-5447. Book our limousine services now!