Basic Six Limousine Etiquette Tips to be Followed

Nowadays, limousines are no more confined to the rich and famous, but almost anyone can get the limousine services at an affordable price. Limousines are a part of major events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bachelorette, etc. No doubt riding a limousine is fun, but there are basic etiquettes that need to be followed while riding a limo.

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The two aspects of utmost priority being the luxury car service and the chauffeur should be treated with due respect.

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The basic tips that need to be followed are-

  • Guest Count: When you are hiring limo services, it is good to give the headcount of the number of persons who will be riding the vehicle to the company. Further, if at any point in time the headcount increases, then inform in advance about the additional persons who will be riding the vehicle. It is ideal since the company could determine the vehicle, which would be a perfect fit in terms of safety, comfort, and accommodation.
  • Know how to get in: Although it may sound silly but yet, it is vital as it leads to clumsiness and sometimes mishap. Let the chauffeur open the door for you and ride in no hurry. Go to an empty seat and swing your legs for a smooth entry. Then move on to the right space you find comfortable.
  • Don’t indulge in a fight: No doubt renting a limo for a night out means the on borders will be partying and drinking. But ensure you are not intoxicated to the extent that you get indulged in any fight or get abusive inside a limo. It is unacceptable and silly behavior.
  • Be aware of party rules: Generally, many limousine car services do not permit smoking inside, and hence it is ideal to respect the decision. Further, when you are in the mood of consuming certain alcohol inside the limo, get it approved by the respective company authorities.
  • Don’t trash the Limo: Do not litter inside the limo. Remember to remove the cans, bottles, and wrappers once the party is over. Further, do not throw food items or drinks on others on boarders. Do not make the seat untidy by putting your shoes on it. There are some limo service providers who charge a separate fee for cleaning the vehicle if you make a mess inside.
  • Don’t forget to tip: As per basic etiquettes, it is ideal to rent (15%) of limo rental fee in case of a regular ride. While in the case of special occasions like parties, the tip should be a little higher, like 20% of a limo rental.

Benefits of Hiring Limousines from Airport ASAP

  • We at Airport ASAP have different fleets of limousines accommodating the different number of people. Hence we are an ideal choice both for a solo traveler and an entire group.
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So, if you are in the mood of partying in a Limo, contact Airport ASAP and follow the six basic thumb rule. Partying in a limo is always fun. Further, our drivers are courteous and well-mannered and adhere to the safety guidelines.

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